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Gold and Silver Buyers welcomes you to Smart Gold Parties!!

Have you ever wanted to host a gold party but didn't know how to get started? Wondered who to call? Or even how much money you could make?

At Gold & Silver Buyers we are going to make the process very simple for you and alleviate the costs of hosting traditional gold parties. No food, drinks or entertainment costs. Smart Gold Parties by Gold & Silver Buyers will deliver ALL PROFIT with NO WORK!

How it Works

Once you register below, you will be assigned a unique member code that will be yours to use forever! Provide that code to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, church members, hair stylist, landscaper and people at the bank and tell them to head to Gold and Silver Buyers. It really is THAT easy! If they use your code while selling their unwanted and/or broken gold, silver, diamonds and precious metals, you will earn a percentage of whatever our gold buyers purchase. Earn money FAST with Smart Gold Parties for referring your friends to Gold & Silver Buyers.


Smart Gold Parties is an EXCELLENT way to raise money fast for your organization or charity. All you have to do is register one time and pass out that registration code to anyone and everyone.

Girl Scouts, Little League, MS 150, Susan G. Komen - we're glad to help support your fundraiser or charity of choice. Spread the word and let our Smart Gold Parties show you how quickly we can raise money for your cause.

Nothing else like it

This is an amazing opportunity to sign up early and build your own empire with Gold & Silver Buyer's Smart Gold Parties. Register today and watch how fast your account will grow!

Stop wasting your time and money hosting traditional gold parties and start cashing in by just talking to your friends. Your GOLDEN opportunity is here with Smart Gold Parties!

We are excited to have you join us and we welcome your success!

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